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Features Overview

  1. Home Comfort Consultants
  2. Enhancements Database
  3. Builders Database
  4. Profit Calculator
  5. MenuMaker
  6. PresentationMaker
  7. Online Options
  8. Usage Reports
  9. Customer Assurance Process
  10. Service & Maintenance DVD
  11. Website
  12. Email Reminders
  13. Online Store

Version 1.0

HVACBuilderBlocks is a system of business methods and online software designed to make it easy to offer new home buyers HVAC home comfort enhancements. It’s the only truly effective system available for marketing and selling HVAC home comfort systems to new home buyers.

With a proven set of customer education methods and innovative, user-friendly online software, it can revolutionize the way your company does Residential New Construction (and AOR) sales and business, while dramatically increasing your net profit margin on every home. Meanwhile the customer is more satisfied because they are able to custom-design their home comfort system and finance it under their mortgage. And they donít have to endure a “hard-sell,” or deal with a high-pressure salesperson.

HVACBuilderBlocks will also help you retain clients for years to come by providing them with ongoing services like automated Email Reminders. This, combined with an Online Store, provides an easy way for homeowner clients to order service agreements and maintenance items such as filter replacements, humidifier pads, & other supplies from the comfort of their home.


HVACBuilderBlocks Version 1.0 is released!

This release marks the first Release Candidate of the Online Software package, and includes enhanced customer tracking and income reporting features for both Consultants and Managers. The website now sites on top of a rock-solid, database-driven framework for expandability, increased security, and adherance to the most modern web development standards. For more information on this and past releases, or to request feature(s) for future releases, please view the release notes.